Andrew Palmer

  • 3 April 2017. An Indian ship has been hijacked off Somalia

    3 April 2017. An Indian ship has been hijacked off  Somalia, the second attack in recent weeks. United Kingdom Maritime Trade Operations (UKMTO), said it had received information that a dhow en route to Bosasso from Dubai had been hijacked “in the vicinity of Socotra (Island)”. A spokesman  identified the vessel as the Al Kausar but could […]

  • The Misrule of Siyad Barre

    Siyad Barre reportedly said: “When I leave Somalia, I will leave behind buildings but not people.”[1] By the end of his period in control Somalia was marked by oppression, corruption on a grand scale and clan patronage. A man who had, at the start of his period in office, promised much and had performed some […]

  • The Re-emergence of Piracy in the 21st Century

    In the great sweep of history piracy is best understood if it is seen as a normal state of affairs at sea, and the relative peace of the past hundred and fifty years as an intermission. Relative is perhaps the operative word, the world has never been entirely free of piracy; a friend recalled to […]