The New Pirates – Andrew Palmer

Pirates leave the merchant vessel MV..

Pirates leave the merchant vessel MV Faina for the Somali shore Oct. 8, 2008 (U.S. Navy photo by Mass communication Specialist 2nd Class Jason R. Zalasky/Released)

The New Pirates was published by I B Tauris, London, 2014

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John Guy (Amazon reviewer) said: “Here is a rare thing. A book which is required reading for everyone in shipping, everyone in a navy, everyone involved in trade and anyone who is simply curious to understand why piracy flourishes and what can be done about it. The New Pirates, by Andrew Palmer, is deeply researched and wide ranging, looking at the history and causes of modern piracy. He shows the detail of attacks and the effects on those involved and offers possible solutions to the problem. He has his eyes open and does not succumb to the gung-ho solutions offered by so many piracy writers. He knows that navies can’t stop piracy, and that hardening ships will deter a lot of it, and he explains why and how. He shows clearly how the mechanism that funds and sustains piracy in different areas varies, and is cogent in his attribution of West Africa’s growing piracy menace as being due to the predatory coastal states which should be stopping piracy but instead are supporting it. As many as 80 per cent of West African piracy incidents go unreported, he says, because shipowners think the coastal state will not only do nothing about it, it will make a bad situation worse. Seafarers and shipowners have to live with piracy, it is a chronic problem. If it were better understood, there would be more chance of tackling it. Palmer’s book is a useful step in that direction.”

Photograph: Abdurrahman Warsameh, 29 October 2007, Displaced people fleeing from the escalating voilence in the capital Mogadishu to the IDP camps on the outskirts of Mogadishu. Newcomers build thier own makeshiflt shelters.